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Any great professional athlete knows that the right mentality is crucial to success in their sport. A strong mental game is necessary to properly handle failure, combat distractions, and prevent stress from taking over. It takes positive mental imagery to actualize your dreams and perform at the best of your ability. Included in this minibook is critical knowledge guiding you on how to shape your mentality to provide the greatest benefit to your position as a specialist. 


Also included is information about bad weather conditions (rain, snow, and different types of wind), how great specialists understand how these conditions affect their game, and the best way to adapt and respond. 


Finally, this minibook provides valuable first hand advice about the recruiting process and details different types of camps, how to run your social media accounts, contacting coaches, and college visits. This information is a MUST have if your goal is any type of scholarship or opportunity to play in college. 


Over 60 Pages Containing:

  • A Week-to-Week Program of How to Mentally Train Yourself to Become Unaffected by Expectations and Stress

  • Professional Athletes’ Accounts of Playing in High Pressure Situations

  • Validated Mental Coping Mechanisms for a Variety of Circumstances

  • How to Respond to Making or Missing a Game-Winning Kick

  • How to Handle Headwind, Crosswind, Tailwind, and Churning Wind

  • Playing in Rain and Snow

  • The Best Strategies to Message College Football Coaches (Including Example Messages)

  • The Right Camps that Will Increase Your Chances for An Opportunity in College Football

  • And Much More

*Included in the full-text of A Kicker’s Bible

The Kicker's Bible: Mentality, Weather, & Recruiting

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